Apple Music Claims It’s ‘Neil Young’ Home After Spotify Loses Legendary Songwriter

Earlier this week, Neil Young pulled his music from Spotify after falling out with the platform over Joe Rogan’s hosting and misinformation about COVID. So now rival streamer Apple Music is courting Young and its fans of course and sending them away tweets, playlists and even push notifications to label itself as ‘The home of Neil Young’.

It’s all a bit of theatrical folly, of course. Neil Young is a legendary songwriter, yes, but his presence or absence does not determine the fate of this or that streaming platform. He’s not Kanye or Taylor Swift. Instead, Apple is simply indulging in the time-honored corporate tradition of inserting itself into a relevant news cycle while things are going well.

The company hasn’t been subtle about it either. It even put a playlist of Young’s music up front in the “Browse” section under the “We Love Neil” headline.

Pettiness aside, the spit does highlight the differences between the two streamers. if The edgeAshley Carman pointed out in a piece that the decision to keep Rogan over Young turned out to be Spotify’s much more focus on podcasts in recent years as part of a broader plan to diversify content. Apple Music, by comparison, tends to present itself as a pure music sale (not least because Apple has its own separate podcasts platform).

All the while this market triangulation continues, Spotify has actually lost a small market share against rivals. Recent data from analytics firm Midia Research showed that while Spotify was the most popular music streaming service by a wide margin in 2021, taking 31 percent of the market compared to second-place Apple Music’s 15 percent, that figure had fallen from a 33 percent market share in the year. 2020.

Spotify was still growing in line with the entire market in absolute subscriber numbers, but it illustrates that the company’s lead is certainly not guaranteed forever.

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