As per a report, TikTok and Twitter Can Go For the Potential Merger

As per a report, TikTok and Twitter Can Go For the Potential Merger

On Saturday it was reported by Wall Street Journal that Twitter-based at San Francisco had talked for the combination along with video sharing app TikTok. But it is not clear from it that whether Twitter will be pursuing a deal with the TikTok as there will be significant challenges.  

Both TikTok and Twitter will decline for commenting when it is being reached. As said by TikTok, they do not want to make any comment on market rumours. 

Late Thursday, in an executive order signed by President Donald Trump by blocking all the transaction of US with the ByteDance, Chine parent company of TikTok. This is the administration latest move for forcing the video-sharing app server to have its ties from Beijing.

As per the report, TikTok has the planning for suing the administration of Trump by Tuesday.  

The executive orders made has extended unemployment benefits, but the aid has been cut for about $400 per week. This order will be going to face the legal challenges as any transaction by the person with the ByteDance will affect the national emergency as it could be critical with the information. 

The president had also made another executive order separately for banning the transaction with Tencent, who has WeChat app, which is a China-based company with a similar type of concern for national security. 

As per the claim, these apps capture a large amount of information about the users and allowing the Chinese Communist Party for accessing all the information of Americans.

As per a report, TikTok and Twitter Can Go For the Potential Merger
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On August 2, after the discussion among Trump and CEO Satya Nadella, there was a confirmation by Microsoft for negotiating with TikTok operations in the US. As said in a blog, Microsoft will quickly do this discussion with ByteDance, and all these discussions will be complete by September 15. During this process, Microsoft will also be discussing about this with the United State Government, including the President. 

They said that the new structure would be made on as per the experience which is being loved by TikTok users but with that privacy, digital safety protections, and world-class security.

Microsoft had said that they would try to ensure that all the data which there currently or backed up with them outside the US, they would ensure that all the data gets deleted from the server which is outside the country one it is being transferred. 

There has been a signal from Trump that he is expecting some cut for the US treasury from the potential purchase of TikTok by Microsoft as the US had made this deal possible. Nothing has been clarified about how things will work and whether there is any legal authority for demanding payment directly from the government.