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Breaking News- Bella Thorne Started a Joined X-Rated Platform OnlyFans to Post her Images Without any Censorship Issues


For controlling the image, Bella Thorne had launched a page with name OnlyFans.

An amount of $20 has been charged by Disney star for keeping exclusive content of her as the nude pictures of her are leaked in social media. It seems like there will be a success on OnlyFans as when this 22-year-old had made an announcement that she is joining the platform for the content service subscription, which is popular in the entertainment of the adult industry.  

Bella Thorne Started Her New Platform OnlyFans to Post her Images Without any Censorship Issues
Image Cedits- Daily Mirror

She told this to a paper magazine that OnlyFans will be the first platform where she can have full control over her image, without any judgement, being online bullied for being you and without censorship.

On Instagram, it was announced by Bella that the video where she is posing in the bikini and wore a diamond necklace.

On the page of OnlyFans, there is a comment that welcomes to the page and the team Bella is estimating that Bella would be earning around $1 million in a month. For seeing the 17 photos and 4 video of Bella, subscription of Bella’s page. But the bio of star states ‘I am your b*****’ and there is a link to amazon, which is empty till now.

There is no clarity that does Bella would be sharing the music or poetry on OnlyFans, and she is not new to the adult world for the content and positive notes on sex.

Image Credits- Evening Standards

Last year an erotic film for the porn industry was being shot called Her and Him, which is a good experience as real-life f***ing has taken place on the set, which was never shot before.

She said that if anyone thinks that porn is uncomfortable, then that person is uncomfortable but does not make the other uncomfortable. In June, Bella had posted her topless selfies in social media after hackers have threatened her. She said that men have been taking advantage of her now; she will not let anyone do that.


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