California Fires Expand, over 175,000 people evacuated

California Fires Expand, over 175,000 people evacuated

Over tens of thousands of people had to flee their houses, as California’s lighting spread wildfire breaking all the records, on Friday. The fire has spread to an area of twice the size of expansive Los Angeles killing six. Nearly 43 firefighters and civilians got injured and many structures were destroyed.

About 175,000 people faced a mandatory evacuation, with the ground crew working 72-hour shifts to save the communities. The state has seen the worst hit of dry lightning fire in the last two decades, over 11000 strikes that sent fire through dry grassland and forest.

On the last night of the Democratic National Convention Governor Gavin Newson also spoke about the impact of climate change on the planet, and said how the fire in California is a live example of it. Daniel Potter, a Calfire spokesman said that he felt that they were understaffed for this big fire outbreak.

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