Carly Waddell Says She and Evan Bass ‘Tried for a really long time to make it work’ before split

Carly Waddell is getting candid on YouTube about her split with her husband Evan. She has announced separation from her husband of three years in December, in her new video. At the beginning of the video, she said that she would call that room the divorce room, as Evan has spoken about divorce there. she said that he was sitting where exactly she sat in the video and said that he wanted a divorce from her.

She also addressed how people have crazily wanted to know when they separated. And she informed me that they got separated a day after Thanksgiving. She said that they both tried hard to make it work and even underwent therapy, but all in vain.

She recalled the biggest downfall in their relationship was only focusing on kids and not on them. She also said that it was Evan who wants the separation as she is the kind of person who shall never walk out. Finally, she concluded that she was talking about all this for the last time, as she would henceforth focus only on her happiness in 2021, as she deserved to be happy.

She said that she would forever cherish their time together and continue to be respectful towards each other and focus on the future of the family. She also requested everyone to respect their privacy as they try to overcome this hard situation.