Coronavirus: Trump Authorizes Plasma Treatment Amid Attacks on the FDA

Trump authorizes plasma treatment amid attacks on the FDA

On Sunday, Trump had announced the emergency authorization of convalescent plasma. This method which has been used for treating patients for flu and measles is now been authorized to be used for Covid-19 patients. There has been a deep sense of frustration for the delay in the approval of treatment strategies for Covid-19. The president blamed the ‘deep state or whoever’ for the slow rate of progress.

The pandemic has done a lot of damage to the entire world. But to Trump, it has also broken all his hopes of re-election.  Vast resources of the White House have been invested in the process of developing a vaccine that is expected to produce a vaccine by October before the elections in November. 

Trump said that now they can save many lives, as he has taken this historic decision to battle against the virus. He said that the delay in the vaccine production was politically motivated, but he is dedicated to saving the lives of the Americans by authorizing the plasma treatment.

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