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COVID-19 Leads to Bankruptcy of Tuesday Morning and its 230 stores- Impregnable Financial Difficulty

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Reduction in home products on Tuesday Morning record for inability to pay debts, criticize Covid-19 for protracted store closing that caused an “impregnable financial difficulty. The Dallas-located group said Wednesday it will always close about 230 of its roughly 700 US collection in cities in which too many fields are in close nearness to something. The first aspect of a closing, which includes around 130 stores will commence this summer.

Tuesday Morning said in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission previously in May that it was searching for additional financing. The Wall Street Journal already reported on May 23 that the chain, which has roughly 700 stores in 39 states, was qualifying for bankruptcy.

On Wednesday, Tuesday Morning said it had achieved$100 million of the borrower in custody financing as part of its bankruptcy filing. Like other dealers allow “nonessential” amid the coronavirus pandemic, Tuesday Morning temporarily sealed all of its locations and fired most of its 9,000 workers in


It does not have an eCommerce business, making the temporary store stoppage particularly calamitous. Tuesday Morning (TUES) CEO Steve Becker said the business was booming ahead and the pandemic led to a temporary store stoppage and worker layoff that had “harsh consequences on our business.”

The dealer ambition to use the bankruptcy measure to borrow a “compelling the number” of leases and will have about 450 stores left after the action is complete. 

Tuesday Morning said it will appear from bankruptcy to develop its product contribution by “attract on the highest operating stores in its most beneficial markets.

Tuesday Morning commerce to reopen stores as state governments grant it at the end of April. The company said that commensurate sales at reopened stores have been about 10% than in the same period last year. More than 7,300 workers have returned from a layoff.

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