Dead to me Season 2 has come on Netflix

Dead to Me season 2 on Netflix

Nowadays, a network of online series has grown widely across the world. There are hundreds of shows to watch to get rid of boredom. Netflix is one in all the key hubs that release a number of the highest some TV shows. One of them is “Dead to me”. This was released in the middle of 2019 and gained a huge audience since then. The creator of the show, Liz Feldman did a remarkable job in showing various aspects of life. It is an American black comedy series that you would love watching on a Friday night, after a long and tiring week. 

Dead to Me 2 Story Revolves around Friendship and Humor

The story is about thrill, humor, and friendship. The story keeps you indulge and you keep on guessing what happens next. One of the best things that it presents is the support and friendship of a heartbroken woman, who befriends another grief-stricken woman. What an amazing story. And recently, they have released the second season of “Dead to me” on 8th May 2020 with some new twists.

The creator, Liz Feldman said that the show reflects all of humanity. The show is about the situations occurs in life, how to deal with them. This is not the first time when she is including a female friend of her to the small screen. It’s all about keeping your friendship beneath unique situations. 

The perfect mix of comedy, drama, and thriller is boxed very precisely in this amusing series. Everything became better in this second season. After the first season on Netflix, it instantly hits “Dead to me” to the audience. Feldman is optimistic about the third season of the show, but due to the Corona Virus pandemic, no one knows how much time it will take to shoot and release the next season.