Deadpool will get a Big Upgrade: Read the Details


The long gap between the third and fourth stage of marvel cinematic universe has left the questions of their diehard fans unanswered, for example, it has been a year since Disney has taken over of 21st-century fox and superhero, diehard fans are only wondering when they will see a new Deadpool movie.

We know that we don’t have the answer to these questions but we can try to give information about what will happen to Wade Wilson in future. And it is something that will make comic book readers very happy. According to the sources everybody’s favorite weapon ex-pat will be given a bigger power up in next marvel comic lady death. She will  give  Wade enhance powers as she has strong feeling for him. 

Sources have revealed that Ryan Ronald is doing a cameo in Hobbs and shaw and a Green lantern show is coming to HBO Max. We also know that merc will get a boost in his speed and strength and Thanos would try to gun down  Deadpool we should not reveal more about the story as it would kill the fun, that the upcoming movie would be a treat to watch.