Diablo Immortal launches with native voice chat transcription and speech to text

Diablo Immortal is hell, literally, but play doesn’t have to be. Prior to the game’s June 2 release date, diablo Blizzard’s team talked about some of the accessibility features they’ve built in Diablo Immortal to make a hell that works for everyone.

Controller support was something very important to bring to Diablo immortal.

“You will be able to play” Diablo Immortal with controllers on both mobile devices and PC,” Blizzard wrote in its accessibility blog. “Many controls — including skills, chat access, and more — can be reassigned from the Controller tab of the settings menu.”

In addition to controller support, Blizzard also ships Diablo Immortal reviewers a Razer Kishi controller that turns your phone into a Switch- or Steam Deck-like device. While Blizzard is sending us a controller peripheral for testing as part of the review process, the developer said the option is “not intended to encourage or encourage play with the controller — touchscreen, controller, mouse and keyboard, etc. They are all super viable options.”

Among the notable features Andrew Webster reported in his pre-alpha coverage of: DI was that the game did not include controller support at the time. That meant he controlled the game via the on-screen buttons on his iPad. That’s not the most comfortable situation for a wide iPad or a small phone, making support of a mobile controller almost mandatory for a game like Diablo Immortal

Chatting with friends is another feature designed to be as accessible as possible, with native voice chat transcription and text-to-speech features. Here are a few videos of both in action.

The surprising addition of PC support was in itself a choice made in part for accessibility reasons.

In an interview with The edgediablo franchise general manager Rod Fergusson said “It’s important that” Diablo Immortal reach as many players as possible.”

Of course, that decision is also colored by the initial backlash against Blizzard releasing a free-to-play mobile game featuring a microtransaction-filled cash shop. But according to principle game designer Joe Grubb, who also took part in the interview, “it was… [also] very much an accessibility option” so people could play on larger, more visible screens, with keyboards that could be remapped to the needs of players.

Diablo Immortal launches June 2 on iOS, Android, and PC in open beta.

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