DJ Diplo confirmed he has a son With Model Jevon King

Pop culture has been grown widely across the world. Every generation enjoys music with pleasure. But, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the updates are at a downfall. However, the celebs are still active on social media. One of them is the famous DJ, Diplo. He is waiting for the end of the lockdown to play that audio. No, we are not talking about any new release here, but it’s about his newborn baby with Model Jevon King. Yes, he introduces a picture of his newborn son on Mother’s Day on Instagram. He sadly mentioned that, due to the Corona Virus, he is not able to meet his son.

The post also includes a picture of him with his mother, and in that he thanked her for being there for him. That also includes a picture of his ex-wife and two sons.

The interesting thing to notice here is the third picture that he posted. It was of his newly born child, Pace, which was carried by Jevon King, a famous model. She came in the spotlight after her representation in Miss Universe Pageant, which was held in 2014 in Trinidad and Tobago, and in March, Jevon King posted a picture with her baby without disclosing the name of the father, but after Diplo’s recent Instagram post, everything becomes crystal clear.

He is eagerly waiting to meet his baby, but as of now, walls of the shutdown are stronger than the father-son bond. All we can hope is the safety of everyone.

Diplo used a photo of Pace and Jevon in his Mother’s Day accolade in which he put pi of his mother and Kathryn Lockhart, with whom he had sons Lockett, nine, and Lazer, five. Diplo also cleared back in March, before Pace was innate. He said: My son is too young to understand all the situations and complexities of what is happening between us, but they aren’t afraid like the rest of us.