Do You Know the Most Important Announcement at Reliance?

Do You Know the Most Important Announcement at Reliance

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Isha Ambani and Akash Ambani have recently announced the arrival of the latest product by Reliance which is a landmark in the field of holographic video calls.

In collaboration with Google, Reliance is all set to come up with an Android-based Operating System in the country. Also, Reliance is read to work on the oil to chemical based sector for new collaborations. According to Mukesh Ambani the Saudi Aramco deal is in pipeline. 

Google now has a stake of 7.7% in the 33,737 crore project of Reliance Jio Glass. This will be a landmark discovery in the field of holographic video calls. 

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Everyone is looking out for this new product and its impact on the telecom industry. This is expected to do wonders in term of better online video collaboration.

The weight of Jio Glass is 75g and is the best in the sector for immersive mixed reality services. With the help of this innovative product companies will get the complete flexibility to carry out holographic video calls containing 3D figures. It will also give the ultimate opportunity to share presentations in real time.

The Reliance Annual General Meeting:

It was during this meet that the company announced the arrival of Jio Glass which will be taking normal office calls to much greater heights. 

Jio Glass, the new mixed reality headset is a superb product for improved online video partnership. Now the companies will be able to holographic video calls conveniently. You will get to enjoy the finest MR services. The company is presently working on the personalized and special audio system which does not support accessories. This was stated by the Vice President, Kiran Thomas.

Jio Glass will be connected via a single cable. The product is associated with 25 in built apps for improved reality video meetings and much more. 

Jio Glass is great for conducting holographic classes by offering 3D virtual rooms. This has been made possible by Jio Mixed Reality cloud in real-time. Gone are the days when you had to learn Geography through an age old technology.

Jio Glass is all set to empower the teachers of the present times. 

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