Doctor Strange Reportedly To Team Up With An Iconic Marvel Villain

Doctor Strange is not as popular as he deserves to be as his other equivalents of the MUC’s major names. And the problem is not with his character but the lesser screen time it has been credited.

Sam Raimi’s Multiverse of Madness which is expected to release in March 2022 will be his solo release after almost five and a half years. Though he had played an inevitable role in the Infinity War, his role was very limited. Also in Thor he played a small cameo.

All this is expected to change in the fourth phase where the doctor would be on the edge to open the doors leading to the multiverse.  This will be a game-changer. The trilogy formed with Clea as replacement is something to look forward to. Some sources close to the WGTC has confirmed that in the storylines discussed, it is seen that the lead would get into partnership with Doctor Doom.

One assumption says that this one will be an adaption of the comic book Dr Strange and Dr Doom, which was published in the year 1989. The partnership is formed to rescue Doom’s mother’s soul from Mephisto. After the continued failed attempts to save the soul, the Latverian ruler decides to call Dr Strange as the savior.

Plans keep changing though. It is highly expected that in the threequel of the movie Dr Doom is expected to be fully established by the MUC and all this could happen before the production of third Doctor Strange movie. And if this is the case, watching these two powerful opponents fighting for the same goal in the hell will definitely be a treat to watch.

Written by Diksha

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