Due to Pandemic Coronavirus, First Time Canceling of the Boston Marathon is being done

Due to pandemic coronavirus, first time canceling of the Boston Marathon is being done

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, there was a requirement of maintaining social distancing. On Thursday organizers had canceled Boston Marathon and it happened in history for the first time. This has been going on regularly for 124 years through volcanic eruption, another pandemic, and even the 2 world wars.

This race happens on the field of 30,000 and now it has been postponed to September 14 from April 20. Now it has been replaced with the virtual even where the participants will get finisher’s medal after they verify that they had run for 26.2 miles (42.2 km).

As per Mayor Marty Walsh said that it becomes difficult to believe that there would be any as on September 14. He further said that it is always Boston Marathon had faced the challenges referring to challenges being faced seven years ago. It is necessary to dig deeper as a marathon runner as it is been done in 2013 and keeping that spirit alive.

Though the champion title for Boston Marathon is being contested by only a few of the elite athletes. Still, there are more than 30,000 charity runners and recreational and around 1 million people are being lined up in the trek route from Hopkinton to Boston’s Back Bay. Due to the problem of social distancing, its fall would not be able to get solved by the presented organizers even.

As per Walsh, there is no use of keeping this race on hold until its sure that a large number of people could be gathered. Keeping the goal of removing the virus from the world and making an economy recover there are no chances that these types of even could be possible on 14 September or even anytime during this year.

It began in the year 1897 and it’s the longest annual running marathon of the world. It was started with around 15 men who had started from Ashland till the city for honoring the foremost modern Olympic games which happened in the previous year. In the year 1918, there was a modification in the format for relay due to World War 1. In 2013 there was a stop on race as 2 bombs had exploded on the finish line. It happened when after many hours when winners had finished but still many of the recreational runners were still running on it.

In 2012, Tom Grilk, CEO of Boston Athletic Association there could be an adjustment in the race when the temperature reaches approximately 32 Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). Around 10 years ago, in Iceland, there was a volcanic eruption that had traveled in air and many European runners could not able to come to Boston. As per Grilk, it has a rich history of accommodating and facing reality. This year’s reality is this. Both the spirit of the Boston Marathon and Boston is strong and smart enough. When there is a necessity then you need to move into a direction which you will not like but need to have wisdom, strength, and guidance from officials of the public to do the right.

Schedule of this race was made in April during State holiday for honoring the battles that happened in Concord and Lexington which marks it as a start of the Revolutionary war. Earlier, the Red Sox also schedules their first pitch in that morning so that fans of baseball could stroll around Kenmore Square as the game ends for seeing the runners pass which is one mile away only.

According to Walsh, it was announced to postponed in March so that an estimated amount of $ 211 million will be pumped into the economy of the city every year. The marathon runner and B.A.A raised around $ 40 million for charity.

As per B.A.A, those people who had paid the amount for participation will not get their money refunded. They can participate in a virtual marathon that will be there between September 7 to 14. The participant can have a printable virtual toolkit having winners’ tape and printable finish line. From this those who give the proof within 6 hours of receiving the program will get Medal, runner’s bib, and T-shirt. The cancellation of September 12 B.A.A. 5K is also there.

Those who get qualify will be eligible for the Boston Marathon 2021, scheduled on April 19. On April 18, 2022, the 125th-anniversary edition has been scheduled.