Exotic Zoo is Now in Control of Carole Baskin

Exotic Zoo is Now in Control of Carole Baskin

After “Tiger King” Netflix, Carole Baskin had become the name of every household had spotlighted her fight which is carried since long with Joe Exotic.  On Monday she was awarded the property of Exotic Zoo by Oklahoma judge.

In 2016, Baskin who is having Big Cat Rescue had indicted Exotic’s mother, Shirley Shcribvogel, and Greater Wynnewood Development Group, Exotic’s business.

Now the zoo is known by the name of Joseph Maldonado-Passage and is no longer in control of Exotic. Currently, he is having a prison sentence of 22 years for doing murder for hire scheme against Baskin. They both are enemies of each other and accuse each other of daubing their reputations.

In September Exotic got convicted and in January got sentenced against Baskin for murder for hire scheme with various wildlife laws violations.

Big Cat Rescue of Carol Baskin Awarded the property of Exotic Zoo

On Monday in the Western District of Oklahoma, a ruling of the court says that within 120 days zoo should be vacated and all the control to be given Big Cat Rescue which is of Baskin.

 The entitlement of Baskin is also for the vehicles and buildings on the land. For removal of all the zoo animals is required for the zoo land there is a requirement of order. Jeff Lowe is now the owner of a park that has also featured in the documentary of Netflix.