Famous Artist Milton Glaser died on his 91st birthday

Famous Artist Milton Glaser died on his 91st birthday

One of the most famous artists, Milton Glaser died recently. He was well-known for his artwork in the United States. The legendary creator of many great artworks died at the age of 91 on his birthday, which was on 26th June. His best-known work was creating the amazing logo of I Love NY, giving a different identity to the modern city of New York. In the famous recognized logo, he replaced the word love with a heart. He died on his 91st birthday due to a stroke that was caused by renal failure, confirmed by his wife Shirley Glaser.

Many people posted Milton’s work on social media and thanked him for giving his wonderful ideas to the world. Even Governor Andrew Cuomo said that people lost a great artist but his artworks will remain in their hearts, forever. He was one of a great New Yorker and a terrific designer. He was born in New York but later went to Italy to study Fine Arts.

According to the sources, he attended Cooper Union, and after some time, when he came back to New York, he formed a studio with his fellow graduates and named it Push Pin Studios. Thereafter, in 1966, when Bob Dylan was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and was rumored to be dead, then CBS Records decided to release a new album. The album was named as Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits, and for publicity, they asked Milton to design a poster for them. And from there onward, his career was changed forever.

Then In 1968, he teamed up with Clay Felker to create a signature for the New York Magazine. Thereafter, in 1977, he worked for an ad campaign during the fiscal crisis. However, he was also threatened by New York State when he made a different version of I Love NY by adding More Than Ever to the previous logo. This was done just after the attacks of 9/11. But it didn’t stop him to work and later on, he made a logo for Brooklyn Brewery as well. According to the reports, he once thanked New York in a voice message saying that it is the best place for opportunity and I have created myself here. It is the place.

Written by Neha Garg