Five Tips When Visiting Disney World

disney world

There are a few tips to be kept in mind before visiting the happiest place on earth- Disney world! A few things about where to live and what to eat can make the trip easy and enjoyable. 

Where to stay

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that it would be very expensive to stay there. The resorts within the walking area of the park are expensive, but there are endless inexpensive options within the 40 square miles of the fantasy land. There is a bus facility to the parks and nine out of ten times they are the fast route back to the hotel.

There are many great not so expensive suits which offer great bus schedules and take directly into the park and also arrange for ubers or rental cars on demand. When opted to be off the property, the savings come up to $100.

What to eat

The food in Disney World is expensive. To save some money, it is suggested to get an Uber to the closest Walmart and pack food for the day and plan accordingly. The following are some good deals.

  • Popcorn! Once a bucket is bought, it can be refilled with a fraction of the cost.
  • A Turkey leg, which is big enough to fill up a family of three.
  • Due to the Covid-19 Safety measurements, the order has to be done prior and this makes management of budget easier. Also, comparing the restaurants will make a difference in how much and what you spend. Most of the meals are between $10-$18 each kid’s meal can fit the budget.
  • Sweets. Of course, it is not the ideal meal but is a part of the Disney experience. And also after getting tired for the whole day, the focus is on filling the stomach and not focusing on what to eat.
  • Free water! Yes, you read that right. There is the availability of free water by any open restaurant for the whole day. So skipping a $4 soda bottle and keeping the body hydrated will help both- the body and your pocket.

What to do

When you are in a group, you might all want to be together for each ride. But if there is some ride, which not everyone wants to get into, then the best solution is to split accordingly to save time. There is no point in wasting time for hours. Disney App can be used to see the wait times for each ride.

What to look for

There are no scheduled parades right now, but they have pop up ones. This means the favorite characters would roll by at a safe distance-not too close and not too far. If there is a parade happening, there are two signs to be noticed. One there will be more than normal staff directing the staff and there will be loud music.

If there is an elevated area, there is a chance that someone might appear. So the tip is to keep ears and eyes open while walking around the park.

What to expect

Owing to the pandemic, there are many interactive hands-on attractions closed. Unless there is some known who can update on changes, the tip is to go with the flow.