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For leaving the Royal Family there has been Guilt overpowering on Prince Harry

In Los Angeles, there has been a struggle in the new life of Prince Harry. As per the Royals at War authors, there was a spilled in the House of Windsor between Meghan and Harry. Adjustment in the state’s life has not been so easy as it was anticipated.

Due to coronavirus, they are facing difficulties so they were relocating back to California from Canada, their temporary home. Harry has been reminded that Queen as well as Charles would not be there forever, but he is founding it difficult to say at this time.

But Meghan still has hopes and saying that after this pandemic situation their life will be better and they will enjoy their life in Los Angeles. She wanted her to take on hiking and talk much about surfing and the local polo club.

As per the sources, Harry is having guilt and it’s overpowering him. Earlier he was excited but now he seemed to feel like torture.

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