Forget iPhone 12 and Wait until 2022 for iPhone 14


Apple has decided to launch its iPhone Models on October 13. The event is called ‘Hi Speed.’ The phones launched here will have a high 5G speed and a screen of 120Hz. As the buzz is, these two features are expected in an iPhone 12 model. But contradictory to the expectation, the notch on the iPhone will not go away this year. Not even in the next year.

The notch is expected to be on iPhone 12 and on iPhone 13, with a little hope that the notch for the iPhone 13 will be a little smaller and less thin. The buzz is that Apple will stick to the notch until a permanent solution is found. 

The biggest reason the company cannot do away with the notch is that the notch carries specific sensors for facial recognition, apart from the camera, which it claims is the safest method for face recognition. As known for maintaining its reputation in providing quality solutions, Apple does not want to compromise on solutions, which are not entirely feasible and safe.