Google Bans These Apps for Injecting Adware, Uninstall Them Right Away

Adware filled 29 apps have been removed by Google apps from the Play Store. THANKFULLY!

It was a much required move as on the Play Store these apps had more than 3.5 million downloads.

These apps were recognized and discovered by White Ops’ Satori threat intelligence team. It was an integral part of an investigation known as “CHARTREUSEBLUR”. 

The main problem was the fact that these Android apps were associated with OOC or out-of-context ads. And the users will notice that the launch icons will vanish from the phone when the apps are installed. It will be adding to the worries of the users as they will not be able to get rid of the malicious app from their phones.

One such app was the Square Photo Blur app. It was tested by the Satori team. They discovered a “hollow shell of an app” and this somehow managed to pass the security checks of Play Store. As soon as the app was installed, the icon suddenly disappeared from the phone and even the “open” function on the Play Store stopped responding.

The worst part is that every action performed by the user on the phone was triggering a code in the app and the ads kept popping up. The actions included uninstalling an app, unlocking the phone, charging the phone, switching to Wi-Fi from mobile, and a lot more. 

The ads start popping up and the entire screen of the phone will be covered. Well, it is not just about the ads. The Square Photo Blur app somehow managed to launch an OOC web browser arbitrarily.

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