Google Domains is finally out of beta after more than seven years

Google Domains, the company’s domain registration service, is losing its beta tag after it first launched more than seven years ago, Google announced Tuesday. The service is now generally available in 26 countries and the company says it already has “millions of active registrations”.

When you register with Google Domains, you can choose from over 300 different domain extensions, access “high performance DNS” (Google says it’s the same infrastructure it uses for itself), “24-hour customer support from real people, ” and more. The company is also offering a 20 percent discount on “any single domain registration or transfer to Google Domains” for new and returning users with the code DOMAINS20.

However, if you register a domain with Google Domains, you still need to build a website to work with it. Unsurprisingly, Google showcases its Google Sites product, but also recommends its “premium partners” including Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and Bluehost.

Google Domains has been in development for quite some time – it first launched in an invite-only beta in June 2014 and opened to a public beta in the US in January 2015. Even Gmail hadn’t been in beta for that long.

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