Google Servers Down, Gmail Worst Affected

Google apps status page has confirmed that they’ve received a multitude of reports for problems related to Gmail and Google Drive

Since morning if you have been checking your internet connection or the speed of the internet! Then you are not alone in this! All over the world but in India, Google Services suffered a major outage. Many people resorted to social media to report the issues with many G suite services, mostly the issues were with Google Drive and Gmail. 

As per the reports from Down Detector, 62% of people faced problems with attachments and the other 25% of people reported issues with log-ins. 15% of people reported issues with the drive. 

The cause is not yet known. 

Not everyone, however, was impacted by the outage, the cause of which was not known yet.

although, Google is yet to come up with an official statement. 

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