How To: Change Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Font

One of the best things about a Samsung Galaxy phone is that it is not a “one size fits all” experience. Example: your phone’s font. If you’re not happy with the default choice, you can change it to something that’s easier to read or something that expresses your personal style a bit more. After all, you probably spend hours checking your phone every day, so you should really like the font you’re looking at. Here’s how to change and customize the font on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

I used a Samsung Galaxy A53 5G with One UI 4.1 for the following steps:

  • Go to InstitutionsDisplay
  • Scroll down and select Font size and style† On this menu page, you can choose to make the current font bold, which can brighten up the look of your font enough to suit your taste. You can also adjust the font size. But if you want to change the font yourself, go ahead and tap Font style
  • Here you can choose from a number of other preloaded options, but for more choices tap Download fonts† This will take you to the Galaxy Store app.
  • The top option, called Samsung Sans, doesn’t require you to log into the app store to install it, but other options do. Most are from a third-party developer and cost a small fee (usually $1.79 or $2.99).
  • If you don’t like the idea of ​​paying for a font, you can hit the Top free option at the top of the screen. There aren’t too many to choose from, but if you’re feeling gritty, the Samsung-developed Cool Jazz is quite fun. Otherwise, Samsung Sans is the safe, advanced choice.
You can find fonts you’ve already downloaded in the display settings, or you can tap “Download Fonts” to add more.
New fonts can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store. Some are free, but most cost about $2.

For the paid options, you can actually kind of “try before you buy” to get a better feel for it.

  • Tap one of the options to go to the app store page for that font.
  • You can select: See example to view all characters and experiment with different sizes, or tap Try it to take it for a little test drive. A fake text chat will pop up and you can type your own sample text to see what it looks like in action.

You have chosen a new font. Congrats! What now? For starters, know that you won’t see it everywhere on your phone. All text in system menus, on your home screen and your notifications will appear in your new font of choice. The change even applies to some text in certain apps, such as Facebook and Netflix. But in other places, you’ll see text in a standard font. (That’s a shame, because I was really hoping to read Elon Musk’s tweets in Cool Jazz.)

If and when you get tired of your new font, you can always go back to the default. And you don’t have to go to the Galaxy Store again if you change your mind and want to reuse your new font – it will show up in the options on the font menu page.

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