How to unlock the Ice Pick weapon in Hitman 3

How to unlock the Ice Pick weapon in Hitman 3


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The Ice Spend is one amongst primarily the most trim weapons in Hitman 3. It’s a small melee weapon that might well perchance also furthermore be extinct to abolish targets up end or from afar when thrown, but it with out a doubt’s not in the recreation by default. This files explains the issue approach to unlock the Ice Spend, allowing you to ranking it into any mission you play across all Hitman 3 areas.

Total the Snow Grasp Feat

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You will also biggest unlock the Ice Spend by winding up the Snow Grasp Feat. This Feat requires you to complete six diversified Assassinations and Feats in the Hokkaido Snow Festival mission. These are as follows.

  • Blood in The Snow
  • N-Icicle Assassin
  • Chilly From Above
  • Festival Shock
  • Chilly Surprise
  • In Your Face!

You’ll deserve to complete the important Hokkaido Snow Festival mission not lower than four occasions sooner than you’ve worked your procedure thru all of these challenges. Alternatively, in Your Face! and Blood in The Snow might well perchance also furthermore be finished moreover to any of the final four challenges, so that you might well also mix just a few in a single scoot. For these that optimize your time with the recreation, you’ll get your palms on the Ice Spend in no time. While you close, that you might well also equip it as a melee weapon across any mission in Hitman 3.