Humble Bundle Hosts Stand With Ukraine Charity Bundle

As the war in Ukraine enters its third week, Humble Bundle is releasing a charity game bundle with all proceeds to support relief efforts in the country. In the announcement, Humble wrote:

Today, Humble joined forces with game makers, book publishers and software makers from around the world to launch the Stand With Ukraine bundle that will give 100% of the proceeds to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine through charitable partners: Razom for Ukraine , International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps and Direct Relief.

The bundle contains over 120 games, books and software, including the Spyro Reignited TrilogyBack 4 Blood, and Rayman Origin, the scout and warhammer rulebooks and a 12-month license for GameMaker Studio 2.

Gamers and developers around the world have united in support of the Ukrainian people. Several of the major publishers have curtailed or stopped their activities in Russia, while developers have stopped selling their games in the country. Earlier this month, the makers of staged a charity bundle of over 900 games, software, music and more, and it has earned more than $6 million to date.

The bundle will be on sale through March 25 with a minimum donation of $40.

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