iOS 16 and macOS Ventura include Apple’s new Rapid Security Response

As part of today’s announcements at WWDC 2022, Apple briefly mentioned a new addition to its security tools that will apply to iPhone, iPad and Mac platforms called Rapid Security Response. Not much has gone into what Rapid Security Response is, but Apple promises important security updates that get to your devices even faster. Currently, iOS and macOS users are getting their security updates with full system patches, usually with .1 or .0.1 version numbers, which can take quite some time for users to download and install.

Now, Apple says its Rapid Security Response updates include significant security improvements that “can be applied automatically between standard software updates.” MacRumors reports that for users who have installed the iOS 16 developer beta, there is a new toggle under the Automatic Updates section of the “Install System and Data Files” settings to apply new security configuration and system data files. It says that “some updates won’t take effect until you reboot your iPhone,” suggesting some don’t require a reboot.

That’s the case on macOS Ventura, where Apple’s analysis of the new features in version 13.0 includes Rapid Security Response, but on this platform “This is not a standard software update. These improvements can be applied automatically between regular updates – without a reboot.” The edge has reached out to Apple for more information about the new updates, and with beta testers already using the new software, we should know more about how they work soon.

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