Iran Plans for Herd Immunity

If the number of total Rouhani’s COVID-19 is true, then it seems that Iran is heading on the path of herd immunity. So the chances are that Iran will not be requiring a COVID-19 vaccine. According to Hassan Rouhani, approximately 2.5 crore Iranians have already been tested positive for COVID-19. And 3.5 crore will be infected sooner or later. All these facts and figures have come from the report of new Health Ministry. The official toll in Iran is touching 2.7 lakh cases and 13,979 people have died so far.

Well, something which is very strange is the fact that the numbers given by the official sources and Rouhani do not really match. Thus, nothing can be said about the situation in exact words. 

But one thing is for sure that as per the projection of Rouhini presently one-third of total population in Iran i.e. 8 crore populace is already infected. So the next stage would be natural herd immunity.

No data has been released by seroprevalence study. This has a major role to play in about the total population infected with SARS-CoV-2.

On the Path to Attain Herd Immunity  

Image Source : Thehindubusinessline

When herd immunity is attained, no more people are likely to be infected with a specific virus as the infected population has already developed immunity against the disease. Thus, the entire community is saved from a fatal disease. But herd immunity will kick only when a certain proportion (threshold) of the populace is infected with the specific virus. 

Minimum Six Months More to Go for the Vaccine

In such a scenario, herd immunity might be the much needed savior for Iran. But nothing can really be said right now. Only time will tell more about the success rate of herd immunity. We can keep our fingers crossed.