Is Damar Hamlin going to retire? Bills clarification

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In the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, Damar Hamlin was back in the audience watching the Buffalo Bills take on the Cincinnati Bengals. Seeing him returning and waving to the throng was a pleasant relief. He became unwell and passed out on the field due to a heart arrest in the same game, although in Cincinnati.

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Everyone is relieved that he has left the hospital once more. However, despite his progressive return to health, he was still unable to reach the field today. Bills head coach Sean McDermott provided the broadcasters with an update on the issue this week after he had just returned to the facility.

Damar Hamlin, according to him, is still making baby steps and the Bills have entirely handed control of his destiny to him.

A family spokesperson also highlighted that despite being discharged from the hospital, Hamlin still faces a protracted path to rehabilitation. He still needs to breathe, and his heart rate is continually being checked. He is reportedly in high spirits and continuing to slowly get better.

Can Damar Hamlin benefit from those who have experienced the same thing as him?

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Rarely has anything like to what happened to Damar Hamlin occurred in the NFL. He is hardly the first athlete to experience a heart arrest on the field, though. On the soccer field, similar occurrences have occurred in the past, sometimes with tragic results. However, a few players who made a full recovery followed very distinct paths.

Fabrice Muamba of the soccer team Bolton Wanderers passed out during a match against Tottenham Hotspur. Despite his recovery, he never played sports again and eventually retired. While representing Denmark in the soccer competition at the Euros, Christian Eriksen experienced a heart arrest.

After his recovery, he yearned to play competitive sports once more. Although the Italian league forbade it and he was forced to quit Inter Milan, he joined Brentford before moving on to Manchester United and is still playing football today.

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