Is the Bipolar Depression of Kanye West has Taken over him in South Carolina Rally?

Is the Bipolar Depression of Kanye West has Taken over him in South Carolina Rally?

We come across the different behavior of Kanye West at the South Carolina Rally where he was seen in tears and made outrageous claims about Harriet Tubman.

In his first rally of the Presidential elections, Kanye was seen covering many topics. The highlight was making claims about Harriet Tubman an American Abolitionist, his becoming emotional while talking about abortion, his brain is big that is not properly fitted in his skull and also said he had a heckler ejected.

His speech covered many topics but it was not structured properly. At one moment he claimed that “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people.” And in another moment he had teary eyes while talking about how he and his wife Kim Kardashian considered abortion as an option and also said his father doesn’t want him and also considered his abortion. In a crying voice, he said “There would have been no Kanye West… because my dad was too busy!.”

The Topics of speech don’t end there, he talked about Social Media influence, Religion disputes and his Adidas Deal. The reaction of Registered guests at the rally changes from sympathy to disgust. After his comment on Harriet Tubman who is known for freeing thousands of slaves through an Underground Railroad, one of the guests in the crowd disgustingly said “Come on, man,” and other was heard saying “Okay we’re leaving now.”

Without getting interrupted Kanye West moved to his Topic that is No Owner of National Basketball Association and Universal Music Group is a Black Person.

There was also a moment when West scolded the crowd for making noise and asked them to be silent and maintain the order. At one point he also showed anger on the crowd for clapping. He also invited a Young woman on the stage and get into a heated argument with her. Though the women’s comment were not audible.

Whatever happened on the Rally this only raises more questions about the Kanye West’s Bipolar Depression. Is he fit to Run for the Presidential Elections?

Written by Neha Garg