Ivanka Trump Violated Ethics Rules for Having a Picture with Goya: US rights groups

Ivanka Trump Violated Ethics Rules for Having a Picture with Goya: US rights groups

Recently, President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump came into highlight after a tweet. In her tweet, she posted a photo of herself carrying a can of GOYA beans in her hand, captioning If it’s Goya, then it has to be good.  See the tweet below

After a few minutes of her tweet, some government watchdogs started blaming her for violating government rules. As Ivanka is the senior adviser, and according to the rules, no government official has the right to endorse any brand or product. 

However, White House defended Ivanka Trump by saying that, it is her account and she has every right to express her views and thoughts on anything. 

According to the sources, consumers boycotted Goya after the company’s CEO Robert Unanue, at a Hispanic event, praised President Trump. And the very next day Trump expressed his love for Goya. And later on, his daughter tweeted a photo of holding a can of Goya beans. 

Trump also came forward to back up his daughter and posted a photo on his Instagram account in which many Goya products were kept on his desk. However, being the President, he is exempted from many rules that other officials have to follow. 


Some employees of the ethics rules branch said that it is visible from Trump’s post that his administration is supporting Goya, just like Goya supported Trump’s administration. 

Whereas, some took it to political level by saying that, violating the rules, and posting about a Hispanic company will get them votes from Latinos in the upcoming elections. According to previous elections, Out of 3 from every 10 Latino voted in favor of Trump. So, it is clear from the facts that Latinos played an important role in the victory of Trump. 

However, there are no further comments by the President or the White House officials on this.

Written by Neha Garg