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Jason Derulo seemed to Knock Will Smith’s Teeth out with a Golf Stick- A TikTok Prank

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It appears that Will Smith had a front of his teeth knocked out by no one else than Jason Derulo.

On Sunday, in a post on Instagram, a video of the TikTok actor is posted, Smith is trying to help Derulo with the swing of his golf when he got whacked on the mouth. 

Broken teeth of Smith are being shown in the camera, but there is definite clear whether it is a joke or not as it is more painful. 

For bringing speculation on this, Derulo commented on the writing of Smith that he knows a good dentist just gave him a text back. 

As Smith with photographs is posting the video, there was a grin with Derulo, and having caption, the inviting should be stopped @jasonderulo.

The same photograph has been posted by Derulo, stating that he finally has his new smile. 

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