Jeff Bezos Becomes the First Person Ever with Worth $200 Billion: Is the due to COVID-19

Jeff Bezos

On Wednesday, the world’s richest person ‘Jeff Bezos’ became richer than ever he was. He became wealthier with the ‘Amazon’ stock being edged up by 2%, Wednesday afternoon. He has crossed a milestone which was earlier never seen in nearly the last four decades by ‘Forbes’ which keeps a track of the net worth of the rich men.

According to Forbes, the net worth of Bezos is now up by $4.9 billion, which made him the world’s first-ever person to have build up a $200 billion fortune. The 56-year-old Amazon founder who is also the CEO is worth nearly $204.6 billion. What is more exciting is that the difference between him and the second richest person, Bill Gates is almost $90 billion, which is a whopping amount.

Every coin has two sides, on one side where large business houses have come to the verge of closure and bankruptcy, Amazon has grown like never before owing to the change in the shopping habits due to the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in 80% growth in Amazon stock.

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