Jennifer Hudson Performance with “A Change Gonna Come” at Chicago Cultural Event was Breathtaking

Jennifer Hudson Performance with "A Change Gonna Come" at Chicago Cultural Event was Breathtaking

On Wednesday, in the Chicago Cultural Central at 2020 Democratic National Convention, a stellar performance was given by Jennifer Hudson, 38 years. She sang hit single of Sam Cooke’s 1964; A Change Is Gonna Come as she was endorsing Joe Biden presidential on the even third day.

All the eyes were on the Princess of Soul, who is an elegant figure in the Grecian dress of orange color and also accompanies with a saxophonist as well as two pianists.

Finalist of American Idol 2004 was wearing the flowing dress with heels and gold jewelry collection.

Jennifer Hudson Performance with "A Change Gonna Come" at Chicago Cultural Event was Breathtaking
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Shutterstock (10749606bh) In this image from the Democratic National Convention video feed, American singer and actress Jennifer Hudson performs to close the third night of the convention. Democratic National Convention – Day 3, USA – 19 Aug 2020

Her hairs have the curls with neutral makeup; the Broadway star complemented her. In the ceremony, there were performances by Billy Porter, Maggie Rogers, and John Legend.

Joe, 77 years politician, on Tuesday, was nominated formally as the president by Democratic candidate.

On Wednesday, Lawyer Kamala Harris, 55 years became his Official running mate, as she had pleaded to voters at the convention to back Joe.

Meanwhile, it was warned by Barack Obama, former US president, that if the re-election of Donald Trump happens, it will weaken American democracy.

Kamala, who was an ex-attorney, was his successor, and she is the first black woman who had got the political ticket of US national.

Obama, who had broken the barriers being the first black president of America, had pleaded the voters to perform their duty as a responsible citizen to make sure that the basic motto of democracy prevails. He said that he thought that his successor would hold his vision and continue with his policies. For the sake of the country, Donald Trump should take this job seriously.

In their tenure, the Democrats thought that maybe Trump would not remain president.

Written by Neha Garg