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Johnny Depp reportedly asking for $50 million to return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6


The future of Johnny Depp depends upon the decision in the libel case in a British Court for abusing his wife. If the Honorable judge Mr. Nicole decides the case in his favor it will be seen as a great victory and his career will see a sudden uptick.

But if he loses the case he will have to spend millions of pounds in legal fees and also there will be a dent to his reputation and future projects.

Multiple sources have reported Johnny Depp has asked Disney to pay him $50 million for his return in the Pirates of the Caribbean 6 as Captain Jack Sparrow. The report originates from ‘The Globe’, which has claimed that Depp is desperate to make money as he’s losing a lot of funds on his legal battle.

But whether or not he shall crack this deal with Disney, depends upon the judgment of the British Court.


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