A former rival of Joseph R. Biden Jr., she is the first-ever black woman of Indian descent who has emerged as a candidate for the presidential elections of the US. It has happened for the first time that such a personality has got all the support from a major political party. It is noteworthy that she is the only second black woman being elected for the ruling body. Also, she is the fourth woman in the political history of America to be chosen for such a major position.

After the killing of George Floyd in May, she ended her campaign against Biden who was a vocal supporter of racial justice legislation. She is 55 and is nominated for the national office and has qualities of electrifying debate and campaigning which has inspired millions. The news of her selection was announced by Biden formerly through a text message and later on through a mail to his supporters.

It stated that with a vision to defeat Trump he had chosen Kamala as her running mate in addition to all the support from his fellow beings. In her Twitter, Ms. Harris has praised Biden stating that she is honored to be associated with him, and he is the right person who can unite the entire nation as he has fought for the well being of everyone all his life.

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