Karlovy Vary Fest to Screen 16 Films at 96 Cinemas Across Czech Republic


Amongst the names are Fernanda Valadez’s ‘Identifying Features, the European premiere of ‘Luxor’ of Zeina Durra, & ‘The Mole Agent by Maite Alberdi’s.’

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF) popular in the Czech Republic said on Monday that it has extended “KVIFF in Your Cinema” sequence, which it earlier revealed as its response to the coronavirus pandemic which led to the termination of current year’s fiesta, will display 16 pictures in 96 theatres in the nation over the period of 9 days of this summer.

Amongst the films are European premiere of Egypt-set drama Luxor of Zeina Durra’s, which stars Fernanda Valadez, Andrea Riseborough. It marks the hallmark launch of Identifying Features; & Maite Alberdi’s The Mole Agent, which is a culmination of genres of spy comedy & observational documentary.

“The particularly chosen works will just one select screening, that I’ll be taking place in all of the partaking theatres simultaneously,” the organizers mentioned. “The broadcasts are being deliberated in a festival spirit ” & it’ll be escorted by the on-site overviews to the movies by the programmers of the fest.

“Given the current situation, the moviegoers can not this year visit Karlovy Vary, so we assured to fetch at least some of the fest to them,” exclaimed Jiří Bartoška, the president of the festival. “It is our method of showing gratitude to the visitors, film enthusiasts & guests, who generate the eccentric festival conditions in Vary each year.”

He also added: “We’re elated by the immense interest of our viewers’, & it is also big that around one hundred theatres have contracted in Your Cinema for KVIFF. I am of the opinion that together we’ll be successful in offering the audiences not just wonderful films, but also a pinch of traditional festival conditions.”

Image Credits: KVIFF

Even before the planners made a decision that 55th KVIFF might be held next year because of government actions regarding the pandemic of COVID, the broadcasting department had picked few titles already, providing them the impression to extend traditional  Karlovy Vary International Film Festival at the nearest Cinema after festival film sequence. 

The sequence is planned to take place on July 3 to 11. So, bookmark these dates in your calendar.