Khary Payton introduce his transgender son Karter

Khary Payton introduce his transgender son Karter

The Walking Dead actor, 48, enchant twitter on June 15 to present the world to his transgender son, Karter, his 11-year-old son is transgender. Giving an adorable picture of Karter, Payton shared a picture on Instagram says, “He said my child and he is one of the happiest, well-adjusted individuals I’ve ever known.

Be yourself! You all have heard about this inspirational quote. Believing in yourself and accepting who you really are is one of the most difficult things to do. However, an 11-year-old boy accepted this reality at a very young age. Recently, Khary Payton introduces his son to the world. Khary is well-known as Ezekiel from the most popular series, The Walking Dead.

He recently uploaded a photograph of his son, Karter, who is basically a transgender. Payton felt proud after introducing him to the world. His fans are loving and praising him even more after watching the photograph with a lovely caption on Instagram and Twitter. Karter was born as a female, but he recognized himself as a boy, and his parents are proud of him. Payton told him that people will not always praise you but there will also some people who will troll you. And then Karter responded happily that he is ready to get trolled. Khary’s wife also posted about his son mentioning that she is happy that her child is living as his true self.

Many fellow workers commented on Payton’s post and praised Karter. According to some sources, Payton uploaded his transgender son’s picture just after four months of Dwayne Wade’s transgender daughter, Zoya’s picture. The 13-year-old received great support from LGBTQ. Union told that they are happy about their kids accepting the reality and living as true selves.