Know the First Person who is paying $55M to fly to the space station

On Tuesday, the first private space station was introduced. Three men are paying $55 million each to fly on a SpaceX rocket. All the men will be led by the former NASA astronaut, who is now working for Axiom Space, the Houston Company that has arranged for the trip for next January.

Axion’s Chief executive and President Mike Suffredini said that this would be the first-ever private flight to the International Space Station. Something like this was never been done before. He also said that the mission commander Michael Lopez-Algeria is a well-known person in space circles and the three guys who are paying a whopping amount for the mission were just people who wish to be able to go to space and that they have just provided them with the opportunity. The first crew would spend about eight days at the space station and would take one or two days for getting aboard there a SpaceX Dragon capsule following liftoff from Cape Canaveral. 

Russia is in the business of off-the-planet tourism for years now, who is selling rides to the ISS since 2001. Many such trips, which are much more affordable, with seats going for hundreds of thousands versus millions, would kick off this year itself.

The first three people for this mission are Larry Connor, Mark Pathy, and Eytan Stibbe who are real estate and tech entrepreneurs, a Canadian financier, and a close friend of an Israeli first astronaut Ilan Ramon respectively. All these people are very involved in the betterment of their communities and countries. They all are going with an intention to perform research in the orbit, in addition to the educational outreach.

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