Konami Hinting At Imminent Silent Hill Announcement

After a long wait, Konami is finally teasing something related to Silent Hill. Nobody really knows the inside story. 

The publisher still has the ownership of the IP. They are yet to come up with a new installment in the franchise since Book of Memories, 2012. A well planned reboot is all set to enter the production phase for Silent Hills.

In spite of all the critical acclamation associated with the P.T demo of the latter, Kojima and Konami’s split lead to the cancellation of the title. It leads the fans to wonder what is really going to happen. 

You will be coming across several revelations on the topic online. One thing is for sure that multiple Silent Hill projects are in pipeline. One of these will be a a soft reboot. On the other hand, there will be a story-driven experience similar to Telltale’s work. 

Konami has not given any confirmation on the topic. Konami has quickly responded by mentioning that work is going on streams of Dead By Daylight. There are not plans related to taking the tweet down so that the fans can have a good time. 

Nothing can be said with certainty about why Konami wishes to make the announcement of the latest Silent Hill game. Maybe it is because of a deal with Sony. There is a lot of guesswork going on pertaining to the topic. We will have more clarity about the long-awaited return of Silent Hill sometime later this month. Let us wait and watch!