Live-Action Halo TV Show Release Date Revealed in New Teaser

A new teaser for the Paramount Plus live-action Halo series reveals the highly anticipated show’s release date: March 24, 2022 (via IGN). At around 52 seconds, you’ll hear the announcer indicate the rapidly approaching release date.

The one-minute video teases a longer trailer debuting during tonight’s AFC Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals – it flashes between clips of the live-action series and both teams on the field. The upcoming trailer will air during the game between 4:45 PM and 5:00 PM ET, which you can watch on CBS or Paramount Plus.

The Halo show stars Pablo Shreiber from american gods as Master Chief, with Jen Taylor taking on the familiar role of the super soldier’s AI assistant, Cortana. Natasha McElhone, who was originally cast to play Cortana, will star as the brilliant Dr. Catherine Halsey.

The live action Halo was first announced in 2018 as a Showtime series, but later became a Paramount Plus exclusive. And while it was originally slated to debut in 2021, delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic have pushed the show’s release date to 2022.

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