London scientists set a new record for the world’s fastest internet speed

Fastest internet speed

While many of us struggling to watch a 4K YouTube video on the mobile, laptop, or smart TV, the engineers at the University College London (UCL) set a new world record for the fastest internet. The technology developed by them is so fast that it can download at a speed of 178 Terabits (TB) in a second.

178 TBs is equal to 1,78,000 Gbps. This speed means that it can download the entire Netflix library in less than a second. It would take less than an hour to download all the data which was combined to create the very first image of the Black Hole. Isn’t that amazing? And surprisingly, the installation costs are not as expensive as we think.

To achieve this speed, the researchers had sent the data through much wider wavelengths, than what is used usually. A lead author and a lecturer at UCL, Dr.Galdino said that the traffic on the internet has increased much fold in the previous ten years. And to maintain the demand for technology, the trend towards the reduced cost will transform people’s lives.

Written by Stephen D