Looking for an iPhone? Here’s why it might be a good idea to wait until September


It is well known that Apple usually launches its phones in September. So if you are planning to own an Apple phone, instead of buying the apple 11, it will be worthy to wait a little till September, even if the retailer is offering huge discounts on iPhone 11.

Instead of spending a whopping amount on iPhone 11, which will soon get outdated, it is better to invest in the brand new iPhone 12. We all know that Apple would drop the prices of its previous models when they launch a new one. So as soon as the iPhone 12 will get into the retail shelves, there will be a price drop of the iPhone 11.

Even if you are planning to upgrade your iPhone, wait till the iPhone 12 is launched, as whatever is your budget right now, after the launch of the new model, you will be in a position to buy a better model with the same budget, due to drop in the prices of old models.

Written by Diksha

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