Mandy Moore was not satisfied with Ryan Adams’ Public Apology

Mandy Moore is not satisfied with Ryan Adams Apology

Mandy Moore was not impressed by ex-husband Ryan Adams’ apology he made on weekend stating that he had not treated the people well in this life as well as career. On Monday, she said that the person can make a public apology but in private cannot apologize for a wrong done.

She and many other women had accused this singer as well as a songwriter for doing sexual misconduct with the abusive behavior which is being exposed last year.

On Friday, Adams, who got married to Moore and got divorced in the year 2015 said that he had apologized for what he did. This time off pandemic had made him realize that he needs to change.

Adams said that he is really apologizing for what he did and not like just saying. After realizing what he had done it is wrecking him that what harmful effect his actions had made.

Moore has given a lot of comments about her ex but now she is curious that how one can interview without making any amend in the private.