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Meghan Markle uses her secret trick which gives her every time a flawless look

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Duchess of Sussex, Meghan looks so stunning even if she had worn casuals. No matter she is wearing formal dresses or jeans she looks effortless. She had a few tricks and secret hack that makes her look flawless.

Meghan founded a way for avoiding the bunching look that gets only when u tuck in the skirt or pants. There are different bodysuits which she wears to give a smooth look instead of having the bunched look.

She had worn the bodysuits on different occasions as she had worn her black bodysuit with a turtleneck when she was in Nottingham having her first royal official engagement and on the trip with Prince Harry to Australia.

Meghan Markle uses her secret trick which gives her every time a flawless look
Photo by Ricky Vigil M/GC Images

In the Endeavour Fund Awards, 2018 she appears to wear a silk blouse but it was mainly a ribbed bodysuit turtleneck which she wore at the launch of Together: Our Community Kitchen cookbook. 

As per the Alexandra Fullerton, stylist and brand consultant told that she is aware of her style as one who likes sleek, chic silhouettes for them bodysuit is the best. This is quite an easy trick that could avoid any type of fuss. He said these bodysuits are the best way to dress oneself as it does not bunch under the outfits. This means she can into being a duchess business without thinking of her untucking top.

She even noted that these bodysuits could be worn on any occasion and it also good look on Meghan’s body shape as well as a silhouette.

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