Microsoft Begins Killing Internet Explorer

internet explorer

Back in August, the company had said that slowly it is going to start the sunsetting of its Internet Explorer version 11. The process would begin in November and will get over by August 2021. The company has finally taken steps in this regard.

As per the reports, the company shall take more steps in directing the users from the Internet Explorer 11 or IE 11 to the recent version of its Chromium-based Edge web browser. The browsing session will automatically be launched in Microsoft Edge whenever a user would visit a site that will be incompatible with IE 11.

A one- time dialog box would appear, once the users are redirected to the Edge, explaining the reason for the same and asking for the users’ consent. This will prompt the users to give consent for importing details from IE11 like – passwords, favorites, passwords, open tabs, search engines, history, cookies, settings, and also the home page.