Mike Tyson’s Come Back with the Outstanding Training Video

Mike Tyson Comeback Video

In the internet world, there is wow feeling when Mike Tyson released his videos for training himself. He is doing different things like hitting mitts with speed and ferocity, like a maniac, he is sweating and doing different kind of shots which are powerful. It is making many of boxing fans fantasize over the comeback of heavyweight champion in boxing.

On Monday, this has gone far above than this when Tyson put a video of his in which he was working intensely. At the end of the video, he said that I am back.

When after around 2 hours of posting the video there are more than 50,000 comments and 2.7 million views. He wrote that anything could be possible when you work smartly on it and recover from it.

Though a lot of training is being done by the Tyson he would not come into the ring for fighting. He could participate in an exhibition which can make its fans excite and let him get PPVs to sell which will not even tax him too much.

The training which he is doing could be converted into some of the training videos. This has been compelled together by the online book sports and posted that there are the chances for fight again been done by the Tyson as well as some of the money lines about his opponents that could be possible like that of players which are from Australian rugby.

One of the promoters in Australian boxing had given him the offer to fight of $1 million in an exhibition. On the other side promotion of Bare Knuckle, Fighting Championship has raised to around $20 million.

David Feldman who is President BKFC had told that after seeing the video of Tyson training and get to know his desire in participating for exhibitions make us feel like giving him the offer.

As per the Boxing Scene, Tyson told that he will not fight with any rugby player as this will be an insult to boxing.