Mission: Impossible 7- What is going to be the Next Thrilling Things In the Storyline Of The Upcoming sequel.

Tom Cruise

The World is waiting for the upcoming part 7 and they want to know everything about it. So let us share some information about this movie.

For now, the movie makers have given the hint  about the plotline of the sequel. 

The cast of the movie are as follows

Tom Cruise will be playing  Ethan Hunt who is an agent and a leader of a team of operatives.

Ving Rhames will be playing the role of Luther Stickell who is also an agent of  IMF and also a very close friend of Hunt.

Simon Pegg will be playing Benji Dunn who is the technical field agent in IMF.

Rebecca Ferguson will be playing  Ilsa Faus who is the former  MI6 agent.

Vanessa Kirby will be playing  Alanna Mitsopolis who is also a dealer in black market and better known as White Widow.

Henry Czerny will be playing Eugene Kittridge who is also the director of IMF and was seen in the last scene of the first part .

All about the production

It was announced by Tom Cruise itself on January 14, 2019, that the seventh and eighth Mission will be coming: The shooting of the movie will be done back to back. The 7th part will be released in November 2021. The filming of the movie  has already started in February of this year.

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