Moderna Applies for Emergency FDA Approval for its Coronavirus Vaccine

The pharmaceutical company, Moderna has announced that complete data from a large study has shown that the vaccine produced by it is 94.1 % effective, which is a finding that confirms their earlier estimates. The company has applied to the FDA to get authorization of the vaccine in case of emergencies and if approval is got, then Americans can start getting the injection as early as December 21.

There is a health crisis in the US and this news has come as a ray of hope. The coronavirus cases have spiked and the hospitals and health experts have warned of an increase in number in the coming weeks of winter, as there is going to be a lot of traveling due to the festive season.

The drug company has shown its study of 30000 people has met the scientific criteria which were needed to test the efficiency of the vaccine. The study also shows that the vaccine provides prevention from coronavirus.