NASA is all set to make a movie on the International Space Station with Tom Cruise

A movie is about to make on the International Space center with Tom Cruise- NASA confirmed the news. Though details are less but news came upfront on Monday. The actor will be seen working in the project SpaceX in the movie

Tom Cruise is a famous Hollywood star and the movie would attract more media and audience. According to Jim Bridenstine an administrator of NASA- the positive media response will inspire the young scientist’s mind and will help in making NASA’s dreams to reality.

Founder and CEO of SpaceX- Elon Musk showed his excitement through a tweet saying it would be great fun working with Tom Cruise. Yet there is another reason for Elon Musk’s happiness as he welcomes his first child. Congratulations!!

The movie is still in progress but it is confirmed that it is being made. For sponsorship, there would be paying passengers going to the space station by either Boeing’s CST -100 Starliner crew capsule or by SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft. Private companies that are paying will have access to orbit research Outpost. Funding for these trips will be sponsored by commercial companies.

Earlier this year many wealthy passengers including Garriott and others were put to the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft for a ride to the Space station but instead, it goes miles up the Space station and gave a wider view of the earth.

Past plans for the film making on the space station have gone to the vain. But this time the news of movie making is confirmed. Best is yet to come, just sit back and relax.