Nasa Sends Holiday Resupply to ISS… Fresh Fruit /Grub for Xmas!


Nasa has sent a bag full of supplies to its astronauts this week. The massive bag is sent for the holidays as a treat into space and a rep for NASA has said what the items the astronauts are noshing on are. The rep said that as a part of the resupply load, which has docked at the ISS on Monday, aboard a SpaceX capsule, thousands of pounds of cargo is sent for scientific research and also some fresh grub. 

Amongst the fresh food was a bunch of fruits, which is a very rare treat up there in the space. The astronauts mainly eat either freeze-dried food items or thermostabilized food. To a common man, the bunch of fruits might sound like a very basic thing, but for people in the space, the first bite of an apple is something they shall savor for the expeditions.

The fruit list includes the Gala apples, Navel and blood oranges, lemons, and mandarin oranges. The kit sent also included some hot holiday-themed foods which would reach them in some kind of airtight packaging. Other stuff were a cherry blueberry cobbler, cornbread dressing, jellied cranberry sauce, cranapple dessert, potatoes au gratin, macaroni and cheese, roasted turkey, southwestern corn, shortbread cookies, sparkle gel, spicy green beans, wheat flatbread, and vanilla cappuccino.

The astronauts, who are sent the treat, were the recent ones who were sent to space a few weeks ago in a separate SpaceX Dragon capsule. So they are probably due to a fresh shot of fuel.